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About Your Celebrant

Jayne Strand

‘My heart is, and always will be, yours….’

(Jane Austen from Sense and Sensibility)

About me

As an experienced actor and a professional classical singer, as well as a celebrant at many wonderful weddings, I have the experience and knowledge to handcraft and deliver your ceremony, making it a truly joyful and meaningful celebration.

Each ceremony is unique and individually written by me following close consultation with you so that I can include not only the love you share but the things you share and love.

You might know exactly what you want for your ceremony, but if not don’t worry!  I have lots of resources and ideas and we can work together to create a ceremony that is personalised and is the right fit for you.

I am based in the South East of England but I am happy to travel further afield to the venue of your choice.


Meaningful ceremonies

Creating memorable ceremonies that bring your stories to life

There are no limitations to a Celebrant led ceremony, and because you do not have the restrictions that would be placed upon you should you choose a religious, registry office or registrar led ceremony you can let your imagination have free reign and choose any place and any time.

I am here to work with you, to create a ceremony which tells your love story and keeps you and your guests entertained and enthralled throughout.

Whether you choose a simple or elaborate celebration to share a happy new beginning, or celebrate the love you have shared over many years, I can create a beautiful and elegant ceremony leaving you and the people around you with memories to treasure forever. 


Complete Planning of your ceremony ensuring everything runs smoothly & to plan

Blue Bow Ceremonies can offer you a complete package to fully coordinate your entire ceremony.

Not only will I work with you to write and deliver the perfect words, with Blue Bow Ceremonies you also have the option of a dedicated ceremony coordinator who will also be there on the day to ensure that everybody taking part in your ceremony knows what they have to do and where they need to be at what time.  This means that you can be confident in the knowledge that somebody else has all the details in hand enabling you to relax and enjoy your own special day.