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Couples Ceremonies

‘What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are joined for life.’

(George Eliot from Adam Bede)


where to start?

So you have decided to take the step of getting married, and would like to have a ceremony which is everything you have ever dreamed of at the venue of your choice, but how is this going to be achieved and where do you start?

Well, you have come to the right place as all you need to do is give us an idea of the end result you have in mind, and we will do the research and work to make it happen!

There are no limitation with a Celebrant led ceremony – you may want to celebrate two cultures joining together, or include elements of different religions.

You may want to be married at a venue that is special to you but doesn’t have a license or at a time of day that is outside the usual hours.

You may want to include family and friends in your ceremony preparations, but don’t want them to take over and start enforcing their own ideas and opinions so you are forced into complying or giving offense when refused.  

We are here to take the strain and do all the work of planning and liaising, putting your ceremony together so that it not only stays within your budget but includes all the elements and people that you want, ensuring that you have the ceremony of your dreams that you will remember forever.

Which Ceremony is right for us?

Your ceremony .... Your way

There are three basic Couples Ceremonies and at our initial consultation we will help you work out which is best suited to you based on the level of commitment and legal requirements you are looking for.

Wedding Ceremony

A celebrant lead wedding ceremony allows you to plan your wedding your way.  It is currently part of UK law that you will need to be legally married by a registrar before your Celebration Ceremony takes place, and at our initial meeting we will be able to talk through the options.

Civil Partnership

If you do not wish to be joined in a ‘marriage’ ceremony then a Celebration of a Civil Partnership may be best suited to you.  There are still steps that need to be taken prior to your Celebration Ceremony for you to be legally joined as a couple, but we will be able to give you advise about this at our initial consultation or meeting.

Commitment Ceremony

You may not wish to be legally joined as a couple, but would still like to celebrate your commitment to each other in front of your family and friends.  We will be able write a Ceremony for you that proclaims your spiritual union.

‘If two like minded people, sharing the same nature, live together,

they will become a double individual more powerful than the single’


Hello, I'm Jayne ...

Contact me without any obligation to find out whether I am the Celebrant for you, and we can make a date for an initial consultation where I can start to learn about your story, and begin to give you ideas about how you can achieve the ceremony of your dreams.

Jayne Strand

Independent Celebrant 

How it Works

Step One

Book at Call

Following your initial phonecall or email, lets make a date to meet face to face, either in person or via Zoom, to discuss your general plans for the wedding

Step Two

Discuss Options

We can have a second call or in person meeting to discuss available options before deciding to confirm the booking and move forward.

Step three

Create Your Ceremony

The script for your unique ceremony is written.  We will make sure that this is a stress free and enjoyable process, using some existing resources, and incorporating your own personal elements.

Step Four

Before the Ceremony

We arrive in good time at your venue on the day of the ceremony, to double check that everything is as it should be, and liaise with your other wedding professionals such as the function coordinator, photographer, and musicians to go over cues, running order and any other special elements of the ceremony that would benefit from cooperation.

Step Five

During the Ceremony

Jayne will conduct your ceremony using the words created and cue all participants by name so that your ceremony runs smoothly without any gaps in the proceedings, enabling you to relax and enjoy your special moment together.

Step Six

After the Ceremony

We will leave shortly after the ceremony and if invited we would be happy to stay and toast you, but normally we do not stay for the reception.  A Keepsake Ceremony Script will be waiting for you on your return from honeymoon.

Pricing & Options

We will start with an initial telephone conversation to check dates, chat about the kind of ceremony you are looking to have, and arrange a time meet up face to face.  This can be done either on Zoom or in person, and we can then start the journey of creating your ceremony together. 

That first meeting can take quite some time as there is so much to cover, but don’t worry we are here to guide you through all the options, and make suggestions of how you can achieve your dream.  If you decide that you would like to work with us, we will ask you to sign a small contract confirming details, and to pay 50% of the fee to confirm your booking.  Another 25% is due six weeks before the ceremony with the final 25% due two weeks before the ceremony.

We will send you an email after our initial meeting summarising what we have discussed, which will give you the opportunity to add anything you have forgotten or tell us what we have missed out.  We will then start the creative process of working on your script. 

We will send you the first draught of the script approximately 2 months before your wedding, giving you the opportunity to inform us of any changes you would like.

Once everything is perfect, and just as you would want it to be, the script will be finalised 2 weeks prior to your ceremony date.


From £750

Initial consultation in person or via Zoom

Creating your ceremony for you by exchanging drafts

Choosing special elements including a selection of readings

Conducting the ceremony

Keepsake Ceremony Script and Certificate

All phone calls, email and video communications

Any travel and accommodation expenses are in addition to the ceremony fee and are to be agreed at time of booking


Fully Bespoke

From £975

A completely custom made ceremony with personal vows, rituals and readings

Initial consultation

A face to face meeting in person or via Zoom combined with venue or site visit

Creating your customised ceremony with all the elements of readings, vows and rituals that you wish

Rehearsal of ceremony via Zoom including anyone who is taking a part in the ceremony on the day

Conducting the ceremony

Keepsake Ceremony Script and Certificate

All phone calls, emails and video communications

Any travel and accommodation expenses are in addition to the ceremony fee and are to be agreed at time of booking

Fully Produced

From £1500

Making your ceremony just that little bit extra special!

From start to finish we will produce your ceremony, with our own ceremony co ordinators who will assist on the day to make sure that every element of your ceremony is produced to the best possible standard and is as stress free as possible

Co ordinating with your other wedding professionals including florists, musicians, staging and lighting providers etc, to ensure everything comes together perfectly with minimal fuss and intrusion

Including all the other elements of the previous two packages in the writing and production of your bespoke ceremony, and conducted by Jayne

Any travel and accommodation expenses are in addition to the ceremony fee and are to be agreed at time of booking

‘Dear Jayne,

Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so special!  We are the last couple in our particular group of friends to be married, and so have attended many wedding ceremonies this year.  I know that we are probably a bit biased, but ours was definitely the best!  I have to say we have also had so many comments from family and other guests saying how moving and memorable our ceremony was and I know that you played a very great part in making it so special….’

Emma and David x